Auto real-time chat translation inside chat

Can we have APIs for Google translate to operate within the chat boxes, so agents can interact with users while typing in their native languages and the chat is automatically translated to agent’s language of choice, and also detected user’s language?

Hi fipmed,
Thank you for your feature request! We appreciate your suggestion to have APIs for Google Translate integrated into our chat boxes to facilitate communication between agents and users in different languages.

Our team is currently evaluating the feasibility and potential benefits of incorporating such translation capabilities. While we cannot make any promises or commitments at this time, we are genuinely interested in exploring options for enhancing language support within our platform.

Let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions.

you can tell your management, i have changed to Livechat because of this issue.

at first i felt like all my time was wasted because you guys marketed Tawk as multilingual, we even did separate widgets for all the countries etc. and input all the welcome messages in different languages, only to find out you dont have the API for this.

the experience with Livechat was really good, and with the auto-translation, we dont have to do so much work. the interface is a lot more intuitive to use.

the notifications are actually in the country name instead of flags (because we won’t know all the flags and have to do guess work)

i understand your business model is to provide agents for hire and the auto translation will cut back the potential revenue, but this is an important feature.

you can charge for the tool if it’s good. you can even charge by features. there is no reason why this doesnt exist like 2-3 years ago for one of the most popular livechat app.