Automatic chat closure

Add a way to automatically end the service when there are no interactions for more than 10 minutes, for example.

Hi @Clerison,

Thanks for your suggestion. Agents can close the chat anytime if the visitor becomes unresponsive.

If chats would be closed automatically, it could cause issues, such as:

  • Losing the chat session if the agent was looking for information
  • Losing the ticket draft if the agent was converting the chat into a ticket
  • etc.

Could you please share an example use case where this feature would be of benefit?

Hi @kristaps

Let’s imagine that I am assisting a customer and he happens to stop sending messages for more than 10 minutes, in this scenario a trigger would be activated informing that the chat would be automatically closed due to lack of interaction.

From my point of view, this function would be interesting,
especially for those who serve more than one customer at the same time.

The way I see this coming together would be to create a trigger to send the automatic message to the customer without the agent having to go to the chat and close it manually.

This would also help in analyzing services,
because it has an average duration and if, due to an inconvenience, the agent forgets to close the chat, the time will increase significantly in the report.

Can you understand my vision?

Hi @Clerison,

Yes, thanks for your feedback. It sounds like your organization is putting pressure on your reps to reduce the average chat duration. Is that the case? If so, curious to understand what are the reasons behind this.

Regarding your suggestion, what if we introduced a notification system where your reps are alerted if the chat has been inactive for X minutes?

This would give agents the discretion to either follow up with the customer, continue waiting, or close the chat, depending on what they think is best in that situation.

Let me know your thoughts.

Hi @kristaps

That’s right, we want to reduce this average time and the most viable way would be to automatically end the chat after a certain time limit (Defined by the Administrator) without interactions.

This alternative you suggested would also help,
but what I think is more appropriate would be the option to automatically close after exceeding the time limit without interactions.