Automatically change online status when no activity is detected for X seconds

We urgently need “Away From Keyboard” feature … there are many times whjen you go away from computer and don’t set “Away” feature … why not automated it … after XY minutes of inactivity go to Away or Offline … such a simple feature … I had it at Livezilla …

Hi there, @Balonar

Thank you for reaching out with your suggestion. Our current design allows users to stay online while away from their computer, providing flexibility for multitasking or being available while away.

Currently, you can manually set your status as away, or you have the option to use the widget scheduler. The widget scheduler allows you to automate your widget’s status, making it offline during specific times when you might be away. I’ll forward your feedback to our team for consideration. If you have more ideas or feedback, feel free to share!

Hi, thank you for the answer … but if I’m away from keyboard, that means i cannot answer incoming chat as much as multitask person I am :slight_smile: therefore this feature is necessary :wink:

Hey @Balonar,

Great suggestion. We’ll consider it for future updates.

Here are some solutions you can implement in the meantime:

  1. Install our mobile app so you can answer chats on the go.
    Mobile Apps –

  2. Set up a Rescue Trigger to automatically reply to visitors when you can’t. Here’s how to set it up:
    Help Center | | Setting up a Basic - Chat Rescuer Trigger

  3. Set up your very own AI-powered chatbot to answer chats when you’re not available. If you haven’t looked at the capabilities of AI Assist already, check it out here:
    Introducing AI Assist –

Hope this helps!

Been asking for this for YEARS and YEARS. Face it, it aint happening. This chat system, while free, is garbage when it comes to listening to the community. Their old feature request system had tons of users asking about it and upvoting it. They sure jumped on the AI bandwagon quick and added some useless junk to it, but something all kinds of users have been asking for? Meh. Why wont they add this? Cause it doesnt make them money or they cannot figure out how to monetize it, simple as that.

Mobile app is pointless for our use, chat rescuer is of no use, AI is not going to connect to a server to check configurations and reset web servers etc.

What will fix this… a simple option added, let me set the number of minutes I am “idle” or away in the desktop app, and automatically change the status… I mean, really, how hard is this?

There is not even an API where I can create my own little app to set myself away/online.

Hi @echodreamz,

Thank you for the candid feedback, and explaining why this feature is important for you. While we wish we could immediately implement every single valid feature requested here, our development priorities are guided by a range of factors, including community demand and technical feasibility.

With this in mind, here’s my question to you – if we were to have this feature available today, what would, in your opinion, be a better experience for a customer who’s seeking immediate help with their server configuration:

  1. Being greeted by an AI-powered chatbot that would address their query, send them to a help center article, and, if necessary, politely ask them to submit a ticket so your team can get back to them when they’re back online.

  2. Be presented with an empty offline form. No support. Simply because your team is AFK (offline).

If you asked me, I’d pick the 1st option any time of the day. Just as long as the bot is “smart” and has been trained correctly.

To add, we should also consider that there might be other customers with far less technical queries that the AI bot could answer using your FAQs. Thus, saving your team time from dealing with what would have resulted in a ticket.

Or worse - not getting the query at all and losing the customer or prospect…

What are your thoughts?

Sorry, for possible language mistake, english is not my native language …

In my case AFK is more important as AI … we speak Slovenian language, i’m not sure how to train AI in slovene language and second, we offer hot air balloon flights and I, as pilot, am the only one who can give relative answers regarding champaign flights to our website visitors … there is no AI that can give relative information regarding flights in our city, weather info … all this stuff … so, if I’m not available, no AI is gonna asnwer "Yes, you can fly in weather permits … bla bla bla …

Hi @Balonar, well then you’ll be surprised to hear that the AI can respond to your customers in virtually any language that exists! (yes, including Slovenian)

As for the specifics, it really depends – but the AI can provide responses based on any information you provide it with. You can also train it to escalate questions that are outside of its scope, schedule its hours, and set up a delay so that it only picks up chats if you haven’t gotten to them within, say, 30 seconds.

Plus, you can take over its chats whenever you’re online. It’s like having a very smart and trainable team member who never sleeps.

I recommend testing it out yourself to see how it can benefit you.

If you need help with the setup, book a call with our team, and we’ll be happy to consult you on how to implement it for your specific use case:

Having a bot answer their chat and simply asking them to open a ticket is no different than what we already do, which is when no agents are available, our chat icon is not shown and a “open a ticket” icon is instead and they open a ticket anyways.

AI integration is overhyped IMO. You guys had to jump on the bandwagon, I get it. Smart and trainable, yeah, no, not really, 90% of our chats are regarding “My site is down”, or “why isnt my script working” etc. things that the AI cannot possibly fix or diagnose. I’ve used several “AI” chat bots chatting with various services etc. most of the time it is highly annoying and I just demand it transfer me to an agent anyways.

Every single chat system I have ever used has an auto-idle / auto-away feature. It’s silly that this has been a request for YEARS and something that is stupidly simply, would take a single dev a day or so if that to implement it. The amount of work that went into integration of this “AI” is so far beyond what would have been required to simply add in idle detection into the desktop app. Or give us an API method where we can set our own status and I will make my own app that detects being idle and sets my status on its own via the API. It’s so wild that fights such a simple request so hard…