Avoid showing the Details ticket number to users on subject email


I have seen that when we create tickets, the users see in the “subject” the ticket number that we created from our account. This is fine, but it is somewhat invasive that the user is shown chronologically the same amount of tickets that we sent so far en general in our system. The user receives in the subject line the number “77”, this number means the number of tickets that we have issued on our system, so the user will know that we have created “77” tickets. This seems to me somewhat invasive because the number of tickets that we generate should be private and the reference number that the user receives should be one in a random way. This way we can keep private whether it is ticket “77” or “1000”.

I hope my explanation is clear, the truth is uncomfortable that the user knows our number of tickets created instead of something ramdom or that the reference number is another.

Hi leguaromusic,

Your explanation is clear and I understand what you mean.
I have noted your request for customizable/random ticket numbering for consideration for our future updates.

Let us know if you have any other ideas of feedback.