bot AI Assist TAWK.TO

Hello I want to make suggestions to improve AI Assist.

1] the conservation to be unlimited?

2] Data characters do much?

3]Web page crawl limit do much?

4]Several robots go free?

5] Custom AI commands made free?

6]Custom AI Actions made free?

7] for support do email, live chat and free telephone?

Hi Cclement1,

  1. AI free plan gives you 100 free AI Messages each month.

  2. Not sure what you mean with this.

  3. Each plan - Free/Grow/Business/Enterprise has an increasing limit of a number of web pages crawled.

  4. Multiple AI option that handles different channels is something we are planning for the future.

  5. You can create custom instructions for free in Base Prompt.

  6. You can link together custom Shortcuts with actions for free.

  7. For help with AI you can email me at

Hope this helps.