Changing Text Displays (size, color, etc.)

Is there any way to change the text display (size, color, etc.) in the different areas of (ex: Incoming chat notification window (Visitor/Agent Name), chat window (Visitor/Agent replies), etc.) Different colors for Agent and Visitor replies, for both the Agent and Visitor views?

Hi Mark.S,
Thank you for reaching out with your feature request regarding the customization of text display in different areas of We appreciate your feedback and understand the importance of personalizing the user interface to meet individual preferences.

At the moment, our team is actively considering dashboard color customization options for future updates. This would allow users to have more control over the appearance of their dashboard.

Regarding different colors for Agent and Visitor replies, as well as text size adjustments, while there is currently no built-in option to customize these specific elements, there are some potential workarounds. For example, you can adjust the zoom levels of your browser to change the text size within the interface. This can be done by pressing the Ctrl key (or Command key on Mac) while scrolling the mouse wheel or using the plus/minus keys.

We understand that these workarounds may not provide the exact level of customization you are seeking, but they can help address some of the concerns in the interim. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we will take your feedback into consideration as we continue to improve and enhance the platform.

Thanks Ralph! (Appreciate the workaround idea concerning the browser zoom! We also looked at standard accessibility settings on individual computers. We are making use of the desktop version rather than the browser, so it would be ideal for the program/app to have text/color adjustment natively. Again, appreciate you looking at this!)

Appreciate the suggestion kamii!

Hi Mark, Kamii’s suggestion is completely inaccurate and their account has been suspended for self-promotion using unrelated links.

I figured as much, but appreciate the action kristaps!

how can we change widget message text size color etc paddding etc please guide?

Hi @Ghumega,

As per the earlier discussion on this thread, currently, there’s no direct feature to adjust these elements. However, a temporary solution is for visitors to alter their browser’s zoom to resize the text. We’re aware of the customization needs and are working on improvements.

Thanks for your feedback!