Chat reason report (not tags)

Need to extract chats by query type. I have created pre chat reasons for clients to select and need a corresponding report that can be drawn. Something like the attached/below.
Currently one has to go through each individual chat and that quite cumbersome.
Help please

Hi yandisa,

Thank you for your feature request regarding the extraction of chats by query type. We understand the need for a more efficient way to retrieve relevant chat data based on pre-chat reasons selected by clients.

At the moment, we don’t have a direct filter option for pre-chat information. However, we are actively exploring the implementation of Contacts attributes functionality, which would establish a connection between the pre-chat selection and the contact entry.

In the meantime, I suggest using the search function in our Inbox as a potential workaround. For instance, if you have a pre-chat field labeled “Reason for Contact” and one of the options is “New Order,” you can search for “Reason for Contact: New Order” in the Inbox search bar. This search query will retrieve all the chats that had that specific reason selected.

We understand that this may not be as convenient as a dedicated filtering feature, but we hope this workaround helps you find the desired chat data more efficiently. Thank you for your understanding, and please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or suggestions.

I faced similar kind of issue last time, I am still searching for some proper solution.

Thanks for Sharing this and helping other by giving a solution.

Thank you again!! Tjx Credit Card