Chats should be terminated by the operator at the end of the conversation, not only by the visitor

It should be available for operators to terminate chats and say farewell to visitors at the end of the conversation. Now all chats remain active even if you close chat window. Only visitors can leave chat sessions now, this feature should be enabled to operators as well. If visitor came back later on, he should initiate a new conversation instead of continuing the previous one which might be outdated by the course of time.

Please make this option available by your next program update.

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This is such an important feature and I really struggle to understand why is it not implemented already. Even more strange is that sometimes you can close the ticket, but it’s only possible when a visitor leaves and doesn’t come back for like 30min. There are so many other functionalities that were harder to make, but they didn’t bother to make this simple one, that makes the chat support convenient.
What did they expect, support to ask a visitor to end the chat? Or is there anything I am missing here, like mistrust upon moderators? Idk really, but I am not using the service until this feature is enabled. Such a pitty I really like most of the other features…