Chats with visitors: Reopen chat and notifications

  1. I cannot re-open a closed chat that I’ve closed by mistake.
  2. I cannot see all the chats opened in the inbox until they’re closed.
  3. The sound and notifications should be only on the chat that I’m involved in. Now rings every time, if the chat is mine or of the other agent
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Hi vousys,
Thank you for your suggestions. If a chat is closed accidentally, it can be found in the Monitoring section. This area shows all active visitor sessions, including ones you’ve interacted with and once a chat ends, it moves to the Inbox.
We will take your feedback into account when exploring solutions for retrieving accidentally closed chats and refining sound notification controls.
Let us know if you have any additional feedback or suggestions.

Hi Ralph, more suggestions and then you can hire me if you want :rofl:

Channel > widgets

  1. Enable “Copy” widget

Monitor screen

  1. There is no titles over the table, only numbers with hover labels.

1.Customization settings for:
a. auto-away status
b. set auto-away timeout
c. turn off sounds when other agent took a chat and is answering this chat.

Hello again,

The ability to clone widget channels so you would not have to re-do the setup is something that is on our radar as we are working on expanding the list of channels we support.
Visitors’ name is set to ID number such as V12345678912345, and if the visitor fills the name field in the pre-chat form or you add their Name to contact details it will show up in monitoring the next time they visit.
Chat sounds should stop playing for the rest of the team once an Agent joins the Incoming chat. Sometimes users set their notification ringtones to repeat for longer from Sound Notification settings.

As for Auto-Timeout settings, we will take this into consideration. If the problem is that you want your widget to stay online even if you go away from the keyboard, then I can suggest setting up the phone App so you and the widget on your site are always online.