Customize Dashboard?

Is there any way for the Dashboard to be customized? To remove some of the stat cards (ex: Live Visitors, Visitors, Chat, What’s The Latest)? It can be very busy and for the standard Agent, they are not concerned with these stats. As a workaround, we created a Direct Message Group (with no messages), where Agents can sit idle until a chat comes in, rather than sit on the Dashboard.

Hi Mark.S,

Thanks for your feedback about customizing the Dashboard. Currently, it’s not possible to remove specific stat cards or personalize the home page. However, we are working on expanding the Dashboard’s features and plan to introduce customization options in the future.

Creating a Direct Message Group where agents can be idle until a chat comes in is a clever workaround. Alternatively, some customers direct idle agents to the Monitoring section to help them anticipate incoming requests.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know.

Understood! Will look forward to future updates!