Display more than 2 options in widget dropdown menus (without requiring user to scroll)


it would be really helpful and make the widget a lot more user-friendly if more than 2 entries were displayed when a user clicked on the widget dropdown menu.

You can resize the widget yet the dropdown menu option is restricted to just 2 entries, and scrolling to the others is far from obvious.

Seems like a very simple update here would really add significantly to the widget functionality and usability,

Thank you

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Hi @fluirse,

Welcome to the tawk.to Community!

Thanks for reporting this issue. Could you please share a screenshot so that we can confirm what you’re referring to with “widget dropdown menu”?

I look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Kristaps

Thanks for your response, no problem.

I think you’ll see the problem in this screenshot. Seems like an obvious improvement that should be added.


Hi @fluirse,

Thanks for the screenshot. The team is aware of this issue and the UX will be improved ASAP.


That’s fantastic Kristaps.

Otherwise the widget functions brilliantly and TawkTo overall is a wonderful service. Thank you for taking this feedback on board, looking forward to seeing the improvement.

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