Edit a message after it's sent

Can you please allow the ability for someone to edit a message after it’s already been sent? If I misspelled something, it would be nice to fix it. Thank you!

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@KGFLOWS Hi Jenna,

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for your suggestion. That’s a great idea. We’ll certainly consider this for future updates.


How will this work if the user has left the chat?

Also, will the update/correction have effect in the user’s email if it is a ticket?

Hi @Abiodun,

Once implemented, this would likely only work while the chat is active (unless we decide to make chat sessions asynchronous in the future).

This wouldn’t be an option for ticketing because once a ticket is sent, the email will be go out to the customer’s inbox. For ticketing, we may consider adding a timer that allows the agent to cancel sending a message, similar to how Gmail does this.

Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback.