Enlarge KB images on click

I would like to have an ability to enlarge images in the KB articles when I click on an image.
The KB articles are 640px wide which is also the max width for images in the KB articles. Any screenshots that have text in them are very hard to see at this size so it would be great to have a lightbox that displays the image in its full resolution when you click on the image. What I do today when I read some of the KB articles on help.tawk.to: I right click on an image and select “Open image in new tab” which displays the image in its full resolution.

One of the countless examples: Help Center | tawk.to | Changing the greetings on your widget.

Every screenshot in this article is 1600px wide but it’s displayed at 640px.

Hi CroDragon,

Thank you for your valuable feedback regarding the KB articles. We understand that the current image size can make it difficult to read screenshots with text, and we appreciate you sharing your workaround of opening the image in a new tab.

We agree that a lightbox feature would be a great addition to the KB articles, allowing users to view images in their full resolution without leaving the article. We will definitely take your suggestion into consideration as we work on improving the user experience of our KB section.

We value your input, and we want to ensure that our platform meets your needs and expectations. If you have any other suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you for being a valued user of our platform.

Thanks for sharing that. While I don’t have control over the specific implementation of the platform or its features, I will make sure to pass along your suggestion to the appropriate team.

Hi, I’ve got a suggestion about the Knowledge Base, from an ease of creating articles which are similar. To give some background, we have some very lazy customers who ask the same basic question about different services we supply, for example, “I need a hair stylist”, “I need a Tan” and so on. Our replies are all basically the same, except for the keyword difference in the topic heading.

So, it would be a really cool feature in the article creation if you added an additional Tab called ‘Duplicate’, where you can select an existing article, make a small edit to it, in my case change ‘Hair Stylist’ to 'Tan", then save it as another unique article and assign it to the same category. In a very fast time, you turned one really good article into two articles and you could just keep duplicating the same basic article with just minor changes (edits).

Thanks for considering this for a possible future tweak.

Hi RonZiemiecki,

Thank you for your suggestion. I can see how the ability to duplicate a KB article could be beneficial. We are currently exploring options for improving collaboration and efficiency within existing dashboard systems and we will definitely consider some form of duplication or template system.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions.