Export of Convesations/Tickets to Zendesk

Hello to the team and the forum!

We use Tawk.to as a complement to our existing contact and ticket management provider Zendesk. But tawk.to’s chat solution is just miles better!

But since tawk also offers a ticket function, it would only be the next logical step for us to be able to export these tickets directly to Zendesk. To realize this we imagine either some kind of Zendesk addon, or to offer a simpler solution: the export can also be sent by mail to our “Zendesk mail address” - but then we need the content at least as plain text and individually per conversation/ticket.

By the way, sending the mails separately as text mails could also help to connect other ticket providers and thus expand the customer base.

I’m still pretty new to tawk, so if this option already exists in the settings, I’d appreciate a little guidance. Otherwise I hope that others will wish for this feature and vote it up :heart:


Hey Dom,

Welcome to the community and thanks for your request! We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying our live chat tool.

We don’t currently have an integration for exporting tickets from tawk.to to Zendesk.

However, you could use our Tabs feature to integrate a custom form (e.g. Google form that sends to your Zendesk support address) or a Zendesk contact form that you can use to raise tickets in Zendesk if you prefer to use their ticketing system.

May I ask why you would like to continue using Zendesk’s ticketing system instead of tawk.to’s? Is there any functionality missing in tawk.to’s ticketing system that you require?

We appreciate the importance of having a streamlined workflow and are always looking at ways to expand our product’s functionality and compatibility with other systems. Any feedback you can provide would be of great help to improve the software for you and our customers.

Best regards,

Hi Kristaps,

Thanks for your answer!

The reason why we actively use Zendesk is simply because of the high customizability that the provider offers. It’s a bit more expensive, but it allows us to program in extremely comprehensive automations that perfectly map our needs.
You should know that we have 6 different projects, which all require a different approach, because the target group is different for each of these projects. All requests for these projects (website contact forms, social media requests, emails, etc…) converge centrally there.
A confirmation of receipt can also be set up there, so that users who send us an email know that the ticket will be processed in a timely manner.
In addition, we have probably collected around 100,000 tickets in our 20-year history, which we need to be able to access if necessary. When we changed our ticketing system about 2 years ago, one of the key factors was that we were able to migrate all our data from Kayako to Zendesk - as far as I know, there is currently no solution to tawk.to…

I must say that I have not compared the complete lists with the functions of Zendesk and Tawk. My feeling is that Zendesk is ahead in pure ticket management - but of course that doesn’t mean that can’t change! If you manage to create a complete migration from Zendesk (or other providers) to tawk.to without losing automations, shortcuts or other, important components, the switch to Tawk will certainly be a lot more attractive.
(May have a look at: https://help-desk-migration.com/)
(Or your direct competitor: This one offers a migration away from you: Tawk migration - LiveAgent)

You mentioned the tab feature. But that doesn’t seem to quite fit into the workflow I have in mind. My idea for this feature request is aimed at the following workflow: a visitor to our website writes to us via chat. We were able to generate a work order from it, and we now want to create the chat history as a ticket so we can process it. For perfect project management, we then need this ticket in Zendesk, our central system as described above.

This has become quite a lot of input… Sorry! But I hope I could now explain why we want to integrate Tawk.to for the time being only as a pure chat and don’t want to dive completely and headfirst into a new system yet. But I think your solution has a tremendous potential and we will follow the further development with great interest!


Hi Dom, thanks for coming back to me and elaborating on your use case.

If you’d like every chat transcript to be converted into a ticket in Zendesk, this can be achieved by setting up your Mail Notification settings. Simply add your Zendesk ticket forwarding email address under Chat Transcripts, and you’re all set!

I’ve summarized your key requirements for ticketing software (let me know if I’m missing anything here):

  1. The ability to import previous tickets into the platform.
  2. A way to separate the data across 6 projects.
    In tawk.to, each project can be managed under a separate property.
  3. The ability to customize the automated message when a ticket comes in.
    Our ticketing system sends a copy of the ticket to the recipient, but we are looking into adding the option to customize the content of these emails.
  4. Integrations with third-party communication channels, e.g. social media.
    Which platforms are you currently using, and how do they integrate with ticketing in your workflow?

Zendesk makes great software and we appreciate how important these features are to facilitate a smooth experience for both your customers and operators. We are constantly working on adding more features to our platform, and your feedback is very much appreciated.