Feature to initiate a chat with specific agent

In the case where consumer is displaying profile of their chat agent in a website, it is expected to allow visitor to initiate chat with respective agent. Adding feature in Javascript to preset agent would be useful to initiate chat with specific agent.

Hi kev2214,

Thank you for your feature request! We appreciate your suggestion to allow visitors to initiate a chat with a specific agent when displaying their profile on a website. Currently, our platform does not have a direct feature to initiate a chat with a specific member using the property widget.

However, every tawk.to profile includes a Profile Widget that you can utilize for this purpose. By accessing the profile page/widget through the “edit profile” option located in the bottom left corner, you can find the specific profile chat URL or widget code. You are then able to embed this URL or code wherever you desire on your website.

Using the Profile Widget, visitors will have the ability to initiate a chat with the desired agent by accessing their specific profile. We hope this solution meets your needs and encourages effective communication between visitors and agents. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please feel free to ask.