Filtering our own site visits from tracking

I’m hoping there is some updated and better way to not report our own team’s site visits in the tracking statistics. I found this year-old post that said the only way is to Ban visitors (from seeing the chat widget).

I’m not entirely sure if this means no tracking of pageviews at all for a banned visitor, or just no ability for that visitor to see/interact with the chat widget (?).

Also, the method suggested - banning by IP - is not effective as very few have static IPs these days, particularly with so many remote workers, I’d have to be constantly updating the list of IP addresses to be banned for my team members.

Regardless, it seems like it would be much better to simply and automatically recognize logged-in users (in the chat app) by cookie or current IP and filter out those page views, than for me to be manually monitoring and editing my team members IP address every time it changes.

Any updates on this issue? Any plans on the road map to make user filtering easier?