Getting Contact Attributes Via Form

How can custom attributes be displayed on the pre-chat/offline form?

If this is not available, it would be a great addition.

Hi @Abiodun,

Custom attributes are not currently linkable with fields in the offline or pre-chat forms, but we will definitely add this option in the future.

Thanks for the suggestion!


How can any of the contact attributes be added to the pre chat form? - I just have name, email and phone number. I really want to have ‘Organisation’ added in there so I know which customer I’m talking to straight away.

Hi @Sharpy, unfortunately, custom attributes cannot be added to the pre-chat form at the moment. You can add other fields as plain text.

Thank you for supporting the suggestion by upvoting and commenting on this post.

Hey, how can i Get fields like choices I add on prechat in the contacts section. Are they contact attributes?

Hi @briankeya, thanks for reaching out. Could you please clarify which fields you’re referring to, and elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish?

You can add custom attributes to contacts using our JS API, however, they cannot be linked to fields in the pre-chat form on the visitor widget.