Hourly Breakdown of Historical Number of Visitors

Allow users to view the already available historical data of page visitors (available on the main page’s dashboard) but from an hour-by-hour perspective (instead of only the daily perspective presently available).

Hi JeSo,

Thank you for your feature request and for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback. We appreciate your suggestion to expand the reporting functionality and provide a more detailed perspective on the historical data of page visitors.

I’m pleased to inform you that our team is already working on enhancing the reporting capabilities to include a wider range of statistics. Your request to view the historical data from an hour-by-hour perspective aligns with our goal of providing users with more comprehensive insights.

I have noted your suggestion for consideration in our development process. While I can’t provide an exact timeline for when this feature will be implemented, please be assured that your input will be taken into account as we continue to improve our platform.

Hi Ralph,

That is good to hear, thank you for taking the time to write back and my team looks forward to the implementation.