how to format a text document so that it is readable by AI?

We installed AI ChatBot and are thrilled with how it works.
I have uploaded some text files but I suspect that their formatting is not correct.
For example a file for the items we sell, I separated them with “###” and I don’t know if that’s correct.
Another file that contains customer orders, with order number, date, fulfillment status, is unfortunately not considered.
Is there any documentation about it?
Many tks


For this you can refer to my guide on structuring data here [AI Assist] Best way to make sure your AI answers consistently and directs users to correct URLs

In short, if AI info comes from KB Article, Text upload, Plain text of Web Ingests, it will be broken down into 1000 character snippets, while table based sources (FAQ and CSV document upload) will have their unique context chunks for each rows.

It is also possible to teach AI API function to get unique order status from your fulfillment platform -

If you need help optimizing your spreadsheets or want me to look at your individual base prompt configuration, feel free to reach out at