[AI Assist] Best way to make sure your AI answers consistently and directs users to correct URLs

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Today I wanted to share some helpful tips for what I believe to be the best type of Data Source - Document Upload.

Document Upload allows you to upload .txt .pdf and .csv files and today we are going to focus on the latter.

There are a couple of handy CSV files you can utilize for you use case, but here are some of the main ones that I found most helpful working with various use cases day to day:

Master Questions and Answers Spreadsheet

A good way to onboard and maintain AI Data Source in case you are new to the dashboard would be a simple spreadsheet table with 2 columns- Question and Answer. A simple table format allows AI to match users’ intent with questions you have prepared, even if there are no matching keywords.

This can also be handy for lead capture and clarifying questions for AI to ask in specific cases:

If all AI FAQs are kept in one place, troubleshooting is made easier as you can simply edit out the info that confused AI or add new rows to the table to prepare AI for new questions. Once editing is done, you can download the Table as CSV file and add it as part of Document Upload Data Source.

Product/Page URL list

Currently, Website ingestion Data Source does not include Page URLs into the text it makes accessible to AI, which might force AI to produce non existent links derived from Page Titles. Uploading a CSV file with list of your products or pages that users might need to be directed to is a good way to make sure AI only directs users to working URLS.

For more of a board stroke approach, you can export your websites metadata - Page Title, Meta Description and Page URL with some help from your webadmin, and upload that to supplement the Page Content provided by Website Ingestion:

Bit more manual approach for this would be using an online tool for bulk metadata extraction and copy/pasting your sitemap .xml in there, then uploading the resulting CSV file.

I hope some of you find this helpful.

If you have any questions about AI Assist add-on or want to have a new set of eyes look at your Base Prompt to help AI perform better, contact me on ralfs@tawk.to

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