How to properly arrange the datasource to get the exact answer


I am working on a chatbot for real estate website using AI Assist. I have already uploaded the data source(in txt, doc and web) but it seems some of the answers are for another question and there are question that it cannot answer.

Usually the Questions are not related to company, but people wil be asking for Amortization, Equity, Reservation fee and Package price and mostly about financing side of the Real Estate Properties.

How can I property format the data source so that the bot can understand it.

I hope somebody can lead me to right format.


Hi Azaleo,

The best way to teach AI would be by providing it some structured data in form of a table, either uploaded to FAQ section or as CSV document.
You can find a guide for this here [AI Assist] Best way to make sure your AI answers consistently and directs users to correct URLs

Feel free to email me at if you need help with optimizing your setup.

Thank you for the information, I will try to restructure the item table.