Import/export knowledge base articles

It would be nice if there was an option to import knowledge base articles from a CSV file or something like that. Obviously, this wouldn’t import any images or other media but if someone has a lot of existing articles (like FAQ document), it would make it much faster to import text and then format in than typing it all from scratch. It would be also nice to have an ability to export articles and categories.


Hey CroDragon,

Welcome to the community and thanks for your suggestion!

I agree, this would be a very helpful feature to have. While we cannot make any promises about the timeline for implementing this feature, it has been added to our list of potential future enhancements.

In the meantime, if you have any further suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are always happy to hear from our customers and to incorporate their ideas into our platform!


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+1 for this feature. For me, this is a big must.

Some context: I’m a long-time user. I’m needing to create a knowledge base for my products. By checking the different possibilities within the tools I already use, the lack of this feature is stopping me to go with your solution. The others would be WordPress plugins (there are many) or Discourse “FAQ” plugin.

Why? Same as @CroDragon. On one hand, I have tons of documentation I would like to upload easily without having to manually create every article. On the other, I’m not happy with the impossibility of easily downloading the documentation I create within the platform.

Hopefully this feature comes out before I choose another option :crossed_fingers:


We have a large amount of help topics in pdf format. Would be convenient to be able to upload them.

+1 for import of existing articles please!

I think this is essential to share data between tawk and the CMS. Could be a payable plugin. Don’t need to have everything free :wink:


Hello, I am also very much interested in the possibility to upload a file with lots of articles and, similarly, it would be nice to be able to download the current articles list.

For example, if you had t activate a new language, you may decide to download the current list, have it translated, and then reload it in the new language.

Thank you, Giorgio

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+1 for this. When you have 100’s of articles its just no feasible to use the knowledge base as it stands. This is also hampering testing of your AI

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We are unable to use AI feature without an REST API or file integration, it´s impossible for us to replicate all the FAQ and Help of our software here. This feature is a true must. Warm Regards

I thinks knowledge base synchronization is must have feature. Either from CSV, JSON, or other sources. At least one source.

Hello @kristaps, just wondering if there is any information about this top 3-voted feature. Shall we expect it to be included in anytime soon?

I’m setting up the toolkit for my company and I’ll jump into knowledge base only if the CSV Import/export feature is going to happen anytime soon.

We are glad to hear that the import of KB articles is being considered as a feature. Has there been any progress since your last update in April 2023?

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yes this is a priority

Can we have an update on this please. I like Tawk but I need the SEO benefits if being able to replicate the content on my website. Dont give us an opportunity to switch!