Introduce departments hierarchy

We are the service platform that has people, companies and organisations as our users. People use our service as a platform to connect with organisations and companies. Some companies and organisations want to support users by themselves. This could be done by granting agent access to as a department, but this will mess organisations with companies and it will be confusing for users. So basically we require 2 levels of department:
Platform support
Organisation support (opens the list of organisation with a quick search) with subdepartments as organisations
Company support (also opens a list with quick search) with subdepartments as company

This hierarchy structure could be applied to different business scenarios and not limited with the case described above.

Hi rudenko.lesha,

A potential thing to look out for would be that Property Members are not limited to only seeing conversations for their department, but rather, they just see the visual indicators for non-department chats, while still being able to see all tickets and conversations on the property.

As a workaround, you could potentially create individual properties for the various companies that you work with, that would have their own unique widget and Inbox. Then you can add your Property Members along with anyone from the organization to this property that was made just for them.

To route visitors to the correct widget you can utilize the Direct Chat link.

Hope this helps.