IP based tawk to access

HI team,

Is it possible for you to restrict tawk to as per static IP ? in simple word, i want my team members to login tawk to from office only, i have static ip in office, for example i have a static IP , so if in tawk to dashboard setting i can mention this static IP to allow my team members to login from this specific IP address, then they won’t be able to access tawk to from their home or out side of office, this way we can avoid data fudging threat completely , pls see if it’s possible

Hi flybackindia,
Thank you for your suggestion to restrict access to Tawk.to via a specific static IP. We appreciate your input and are always looking for ways to improve our service. Your feedback will be taken into consideration for future updates.

When it comes to restricting access to office hours, we recommend using the Widget Scheduler and adjusting user access levels as potential solutions. The Widget Scheduler allows you to confine the availability of the chat to your office hours. Coupled with that, restricting Admin privileges can help ensure only authorized personnel have access.
Note that Property Members with Agent access level would still be able to send replies to tickets after-hours.

Hope this workaround helps for now and let us know if you have any other feedback or questions.