Is there a way to round robin the different chats that come in to different agents?

Is there a way to round robin the different chats that come in to different agents? and if not, that would be a useful feature, especially for sales.

Hi Senai,
Thank you for your feature request. Unfortunately, at the moment, chat routing to different agents in a round-robin fashion is not possible with the current setup. However, I can understand how this feature would be useful, especially for sales teams.
Our team is actively looking into expanding the functionality of incoming communication channels which includes an update to user notification and assignee systems.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are always looking for ways to improve our platform and provide the best experience possible for our users.

Hi Senai,
Hope so you’re doing good, this method ensures that each agent receives an equal number of chats, promoting fairness and balance in workload distribution. Many live chat software and customer support platforms offer built-in round-robin functionality or provide plugins/extensions that enable this feature.

By implementing round-robin chat distribution, businesses can ensure efficient handling of customer inquiries, enhance response times, and improve overall customer satisfaction. It can be particularly useful for sales teams, as it allows fair distribution of potential leads among sales representatives, maximizing opportunities for conversion.

Hope so this will work for you!

Bryce June

This would be a great to have; the one missing feature preventing us from switching from

I was looking over some of the documentation - is it possible to have a tawk call a webhook we host that checks for logged in agents and then assigns the chat? We could have the chat come into a department with a single generic user and then we could re-assign it. I just started looking over documentation but wanted to throw this idea out there.