Is there any option to cc or bcc email to any email ticket?

Is there any option to cc or bcc email to any email ticket? I tried looking but I do not think any such option available. This feature would be really helpful.

Hi MustakSayed,
Thank you for your request.
Currently, Mail Notification settings are limited to what you see on Administration->Mail Notification.

By default, agent who is assigned to the ticket will receive a copy of it in email, but you can set up Mail Notifications so any email address would be notified whenever a new ticket is created or a chat concluded.

We do not have options to customize CC and BCC recipients at this time, but we will take your suggestion in consideration for future updates.

Let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions.

Hello @Ralph

Is there any way we can add multiple emails as CC or BCC while creating a ticket or replying to a ticket? Sometimes, there is a need comes where we have to add multiple email addresses in the same conversation. Or we receive offline messages with multiple email addresses.

The suggestion you suggested is for the admin area where we want to add any staff or other members to send a duplicate of the emails.

I hope this makes sense to you.


Hi Manoj,
Currently, each ticket can have one visitor as a recipient and an assigned Agent or a Department who receives a copy.
If Contact has multiple emails you can pin the primary one to be used using the pin icon:

Hope this helps.

Hello @Ralph

Our main concern is to add other emails as CC and BCC not to use that pinned email. You can still send messages to only recipients by using your suggestion.