Is there capacity to create a "filter by date range" feature in the Inbox -> Chats page?

I am manually reviewing chats that we have had over a large span of time. Given that our chat volume is over 100 chats a day, I was wondering if there was a way to filter closed chats over a date range (for example if I want to only view chats that were completed June 5th, or chats dated June 5th - June 7th)?

Hi JeSo,
Our Inbox has a Filter functionality that allows you to filter your conversations by date/status/assignee/tag. This is something that we are most certainly planning to expand in the future but here is what is currently possible for the case you described:
To see chats that were completed on June 5th you would have to click FIlters-> Updated and it should bring up a little date range selector widget in which you can click on June 5th twice marking it as the start and end date for the range. Alternatively, you can click 5th and 7th to set a multiple-day date range.
If you want to filter out any missed chats and only see the ones that were completed you may add ‘‘Status = Closed’’ filter in addition to the Updated Filter.
If you want to make sure that you only see Chats and not Tickets you can change the view from ‘‘All’’ to ‘‘Chat’’ on the left Inbox sidetab.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much, I do not know how I missed the filter but yes this is exactly what I was asking about and it helps tremendously.