Kanban style "deal pipelines" in the CRM

I would love to have customisable “deal pipelines” in the CRM.

Something where I can move contacts through a kanban style board as they progress in the sales process.

Here is an example image:

@tastychips Hi Ben,

Welcome to the tawk.to Community, and thanks for your suggestion!

We have documented your request and this has been sitting in our idea backlog for quite some time. We can’t share any ETAs at this stage, but our product team will definitely consider this for future updates.

Could you tell me more about how you would be using this in your organization, and what would be the must-have features for an MVP of this product?

We value your feedback and would love to gain a better understanding of why this is important for you.


I would love something akin to Pipedrive where I can create Deals and move them through customizable pipelines.

I’m still in the process of putting this all together myself so I don’t know the exact requirements yet, but having all this stuff in one place would be a godsend instead of trying to piece together disparate systems. Since you already have the CRM I feel like it makes sense to also have the pipelines here.

Some things I would like:

  • Email Sync: to monitor for email replies and take appropriate actions such as creating a deal or moving them along the pipeline etc

  • Tasks: customizable things that need to be done at certain stages, such as making a phone call or sending an email etc.

  • Automations: for example, move customer into pipeline when email received, or create a task when deal has not moved in x days, etc