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Currently the only way we’ve to get the public FULL link to a topic is opening a test chat, searching for the topic and copying the url.
Can you please add a “link” icon or button that copy or at least display the full URL? so agents can share it by email?


Hi there,
Thank you for reaching out.

Each of your KB Articles have its own URL and unique forward-slash slug.

The example article in URL form looks like this: Help Center | tawk.to | What is the Knowledge Base?

Hope this clarifies things.
Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi Ralf, thanks for your reply.
Yes but this is only the slug, not the FULL PATH of the URL, so the agents cannot copy and paste it to share it by email for example.

Hello again,

Thank you for the clarification. I see that we could certainly use a more convenient way of directing customers to KB Articles, other than copying the URL from a different browser tab.
I have notified our Product team and they will take this into consideration for future updates.

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Hi TF1,

Hope all is well.

During an active chat or ticket response, you can use the Knowledgebase side Tab to conveniently copy article URLs using this button:

It will automatically place the link to your KB article as plain text in your textbox.

Hope this helps.

Hi Ralph, yes we know that but we’ve to have an open ticket or chat for this, and we don’t only have support by chat or ticket. We also need to send this link by email
This button you’ve highlighted is the one I’m requesting on the KB database, maybe next to the slug or in the table where all topics are displayed.

I second this. The button you mention should be added to copy easily.

Yes! This would quite usefull. This applies to the mobile app too. I often see myself or my team copying the link, and send it in other chanels.