Knowledge Base Website Embed & Customization Ticket Form

I think you should be able to embed the knowledge base on your own website so it’s directly apart of your website and viewable on your site rather than redirect links to have to get to it or via the live chat,

I also think options to customize ticket form such as allowing us to remove some fields, make some optional or add other fields.

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Hi Forever.Trexie,

Thank you for your feedback! While we don’t have immediate plans to allow users to embed the knowledge base directly on the website, we are actively exploring options to expand our range of embeddable content in the future.

We understand the importance of customization for ticket form fields. Our team is already working on expanding the personalization options for ticketing forms. We appreciate your request and encourage you to share any other suggestions you may have.

Thank you once again for your valuable input!

+1 for embedding the knowledge base on our site.

This is crucial for good customer flow. We want to keep customers on our site instead of sending off to another domain (via knowledge base link) or making it hard to find (via chat).

Please consider making this a priority.