Make pre-chat mandatory for each new service

In our widget we use the pre-chat option that asks the customer to fill in some information before starting the service. However, when this chat ends and the customer needs to speak to us again, it no longer asks for information, it only appears again after about 20 minutes. I think it would be viable to have an option to leave the pre-
chat mandatory if the admin wants to configure it like this

Hi Clerison,
Thank you for your feature request.
The way its currently set makes it so the users only have to fill out pre-chat form once per browsing session.

For example:
User starts chat and fills in the required Name and Email fields along with Topic of Conversation options selection.
User submission is sent as first message in chat and visible in the active chat and later in chat history as well.
User then, clicks ‘‘End this chat session’’ on the chat widget while continuing to browse your site, at which point they decide that they had another question. If they manually closed the last chat session, they will be able to see a special ‘‘Start new chat’’ button which bypasses the pre-chat form.

While designing the UX we figured that it would be frustrating for the user to fill out the form they already filled a couple of minutes ago, given that the info they filled the first time is still visible.
If a new agent joins the second chat, they might not be able to scroll up to see the initial form submission, but they still can see it from the ‘‘History’’ side tab of active chats.

If a visitor ends their browsing session after their initial chat session, the next time they visit your website the pre-chat form would be waiting for them.

Hope this helps.

Hello, Ralph.

I do understand your point of view, but I say that it would be interesting to have a button in the pre-chat customization where it can be made mandatory or not. The example here in our company, we use chat as internal support and it is not always the same person who filled out the pre-
chat is the same one that immediately contacts the customer service representatives.

Example: The user called “Lucas” filled in the data, after finishing the service he leaves the computer on and on the website screen, a computer that is used by other people. Soon after, the user “Rafael” comes and uses the chat to contact us,
however, it will not ask for the pre-chat information again.

So in this scenario, I think it would be nice to have the option to make pre-chat mandatory for all new appointments.

We have the same necessity here too.

Hi Clerison,

Thank you for the clarification and example.

I’ve added this to our product team discussion board and your request will be taken into consideration for future updates.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions or feedback.

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No news regarding this feature ? I also need to be able to activate pre-chat before each chat. I use pre-chat to redirect chats to the right department (consultant, technical support, etc.). Maybe there’s another way of doing this but I haven’t yet worked out how to direct a chat to a user group without pre-chat.

We also have this same need. The person on chat may want to change the department they are reaching out to after they’ve ended a chat.

I would like that it asks for name and email but more in a conversational way.

like customer says : - Hello
apollo- replay - Hello can you please type your name and email so I can serve you better.
customer - John Doe,

  • Apollo- Thaks, John, how can I help you.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely take it into consideration...

Hi @LEOHDZ, you can instruct Apollo to do this by adding the following base prompt:

  • Greet the visitor once at the beginning of the chat by saying: “Hello! Could you please provide your name and email address so we can serve you better?”
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Yes I know but it does not save the leads automatically.

Yes, you’re right. We’re working on a solution called Chatflows which will include linked fields.

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thanks for the info :slight_smile: