Margin & Padding & width / height functionality to the mobile chat window

Hello, i’m trying to implement into my website / app.

We need functionality to add padding or margin to the chat windows in mobile view.

On our app the chat window is going behind status bars and the bottom button bar.

Using simple css (padding-top: env(safe-area-inset-top) I can fix the issue in the elements inspector but i can’t access the css through code (yet).

Is there anyway i can either get this added to my instance of my chat or can you provide the feature either through javascript?

According to my knowledge the margin property defines the space around the outside of an element. It allows you to create space between the chat window and other elements on the page and padding property defines the space between the content of an element and its border in , It can be used to create space within the chat window, separating the text or other elements from the border. hope it’s work!!.

Yes indeed. Not sure why i wrote padding, I meant margin.

But where can i define this margin as the chat plugin is inserted through javascript. I don’t have have an element i can add margin to

Thanks :slight_smile: