Notification color of first message popping up on the website

I need to know if I can change the notification color of the first message that appears on the website. I am not referring to the chat box. But when agent send first message, it pop out of the box as a nofication. The background color is white on this and text color black. As my website background is also white, visitors sometimes cannot see this message. So I need to change the background color of this pop up notification. While I checked with tawkto support they told there is no option to change this. I request to implement this option asap

Hi @sabareesh,

Welcome to the community and thanks for your suggestion!

In short, the message background cannot be changed currently.

If visibility is an issue, you could toggle the entire widget to be maximised when the welcome message is sent.

You can do this in Admin > Channels > Chat Widget > Disable Message Preview (scroll down to the behaviour settings and toggle it on).

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.