Real Time Translation Of Chat

I’m interested in integrating a tool, perhaps Zapier or something similar, so that agents can interact with users in their native languages. Ideally, the chat would be automatically translated to the agent’s language of choice, while also detecting the user’s language. Has anyone implemented this? I’m seeking guidance.

I’ve also noticed that there’s a “Translation Add-On” listed as “coming soon.” It would be fantastic if could launch this feature. Does anyone know the estimated release date?"

Hi magnusbrotha,

Thank you for your feature request.
The Independent translation add-on was temporarily postponed as AI Assist add-on with the /AI-translate command currently solves this problem.
For example, with AI Assist add-on enabled, your agents can simply write a message in their preferred language and use AI command to have it translated in any language needed.

Understandably, a streamlined one-click translation solution would work better and we are planning on including that feature in future updates.

We are also looking forward for a standalone live translations within Tawk. A paid plugin also would be great or access to external integration.