Reply-To headers should not be ignored


The current system sends updates regarding support tickets initiated via email only to the sender’s email address.

However, it disregards the presence of a “reply-to” header in the initial email message that started the support ticket.

Respecting the “reply-to” header would fulfill the request of genuine users who indicate their preference for receiving responses at that address.

It would also enable us to forward any user messages received through a different channel by indicating their email addresses in the “reply-to” header, thus transferring them to the support ticket system.


If a support ticket has been created from an email message, the system should respect the “reply-to” header and send updates regarding the relevant support ticket to that address.

Hello reytor,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We recognize the limitations you’ve pointed out related to the handling of the “reply-to” header in support ticket emails.

We understand that enhancing this feature would greatly improve user experience and streamline communication. Be assured, we have plans for improvements in this area, which are scheduled in our future updates.

Your suggestion has been noted and will be considered in our planning process.
Let us know if you have any other suggestions.

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