Restrict agents from editing knowledge base

I would like to be able to have admins create a knowledge base, and allow agents to view it but not edit articles

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Hi Tauren,
Thank you for your suggestion. Our team is currently exploring quality-of-life improvements for KB and we are planning to expand on Property Member access management in the future.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions.

This is a MUST HAVE feature. And really, being able to set more rules/restrictions on what Agents can do seems like a standard feature. I hope this gets implemented soon.


Please push this feature request through. We want to have all our agents accessing chats and the KB, but they can edit the articles (even by mistake) and that is something critical - we want to restrict our agents from editing articles.

I agree, agents have far too many permissions & overall visibility.

  • As an agent, I was actually able to TURN ON the knowledge base for my property!! But now when I go to the same Admin/Knowledge Base page that I turned it ON, I get an error screen, “An error has occured while loading the knowledge base data.”
  • I’m surprised Agents can see the following options at all:
  • Administration
  • Add Ons
  • All of the “Getting Started” links in the left toolbar, which all seem to be admin-based IMO