Schedule service hours by departments or users

Good day,
Will it be possible to add this feature?
We just implemented your chat widget and we think it’s great, however, since some collaborators work outside the country, it is important to implement hours by department or by users, so that they can attend only at that time.

I thank you in advance for your responses.


Hi aaeq16,

Thank you for your suggestion! Currently, our chat widget operates based on the Widget Scheduler. When enabled, it’s online only during specified hours, provided there’s a Property Member online. If the scheduler is off, the widget is online whenever a Property Member is available.

If you’ve set up Department selection in the pre-chat form, visitors can see the online/offline status of each department, depending on whether any Property Members from that department are online.

We understand the need for customizable department schedules given the international nature of your team. We will certainly take your feedback into consideration for future updates.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions.

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I also thinking the same, that we should have a options to schedule department time frame.

I also concur with the idea

We’re also interested in scheduling by time frame.

Or, the ability to silence email notifications for new chats outside of certain hours (per user) could work. Then we could have agents set up their own schedule.