Search string for KB articles to include ALL the words?

Hi - when searching through our KB articles, if I put in multiple words, the search results show anything with EITHER word. I want it to show results with ALL.

If I search for something and I get too many results, I want to narrow down the results so I add another expected word. But this just gives even more results because it includes anything with EITHER word.

The results are the same even if I put the search terms in quotes and if I put a + before each word.

Please help! Thanks!

Hi Bennyls,
Search on the Knowledgebase section of our dashboard only looks for Article Titles and Categories.
Searches on the pre-chat form, active chat side tab, and Knowledgebase itself include the title and content.

Could you confirm which search function you are referring to?

Hi @Ralph - thanks for reaching out!

This issue happens by both options - whether searching in the search bar above the articles on the KB page (which searches for the input text only titles, not in categories, from my experience.) or in the other search options you mentioned which search throughout the content in the article.

Example; you have 3 articles with Boats in the title, and 4 articles with Plane in the title, of which there is 1 article with both Boat and Plane in the title. If you search for “boat” you will see 3 results, if you search for “plane” you will see 4. If you type in “Boat Plane”, will it show you just the one article with both? No, the results are all 6 articles containing Either of those words, or both.

That is even if I put them in quotes together, like this: “boat plane” or: boat AND plane.

The same issue happens when searching in both places.

On the sidebar results, there is a bug that the results keep repeating, so the results list goes on and on.

Can you replicate these issues?

Hi BennyIs,

Could you send me a screenshot along with steps to recreate this repeating results bug?

You can email me directly at and I would be happy to take a look.