Select Alias when logging in

Just a suggestion regarding Aliases.

At the moment the operator needs to select their alias at the start of each chat.
I am aware of the default option but if multiple people log in, that feature will not helo.

Could upon login, you select your alias and the period you’re working for?
This would assign a token that would log after that time or upon closing the browser.

The token would make it individual and if someone else logged in they could choose their alias and time etc.

This would stop them have to choose their names at the start of each chat.

Hi HurleyBird,

Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestion regarding aliases. We appreciate your feedback and understand your desire for a more streamlined process.

While we acknowledge the potential benefits of automatically assigning aliases upon login and associating them with specific time periods, our system currently operates with tools that eliminate the need for account sharing among multiple users. Additionally, our reporting statistics are based on a per agent basis rather than per alias.

We value your input and will certainly take it into consideration as we continue to improve our platform.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or ideas.

If you have any questions about optimizing your dashboard use you can get in touch with our Customer Success team via

Thanks you for your suggestion! I understand that having to select an alias at the start of each chat session can be inconvenient, especially in scenarios where multiple people are logging in.