Sending automatic greeting text should be available as I join chat with the visitor

We have plenty of options within triggers, but one important is missing and cannot be set. The program cannot send automatic greeting text in your name to visitors when you join chat with them.
I think if you join conversation, then such text as [ Hi, welcome. How can I help you? ] would be important and should be sent out automatically. This option is not offered and it cannot be set now. Please include it in your next program update.

Hi there, @szivnet

Thanks for reaching out! While we don’t have this option available within our triggers, you can setup the AI assist to greet your visitors using their name!

You can even create a chat sequence that fits your use-case. Feel free to read our article here Help Center | | Using Suggested Message and AI Assist to create scripted chat sequences

Thank you for your response. It’s OK what you suggest, but you should also offer an option to do so within your triggers. Now I can only greet visitors manually when I join chat with them.