Sound Notifications for Incoming Chats on AI Assist

I trust this message finds you well. I am writing to recommend an enhancement to your AI Bot Assistant that I believe would greatly improve the user experience and efficiency.

As a frequent user of the AI Bot Assistant, I find it immensely helpful for a variety of tasks and activities. However, there is one aspect that I believe could be improved to ensure a smoother and more streamlined interaction.

Currently, when the AI Assist is activated, there is no auditory signal to alert the user of incoming chats or messages. This sometimes results in missed interactions, as users might not always be in a position to continuously monitor the screen.

I would like to propose the introduction of a feature that provides sound notifications for incoming chats when the AI Assist is activated. This could be a simple, non-disruptive beep or chime that alerts the user of a new incoming message.

I believe this feature would be greatly appreciated by other users as well, as it allows them to multitask more efficiently without the worry of missing important messages. This could be particularly useful for individuals who use the AI Assist in a professional context, where timely responses are often crucial.

I understand that developing and implementing new features requires time and resources, and I appreciate your consideration of this request. If there are any details that need clarification, or if you would like further input, I would be more than happy to assist.

Thank you for your continuous work on improving the AI Bot Assistant. I look forward to the potential implementation of this feature.

Hi fachai,
Thank you for your suggestion. AI answering chats before they manage to ring a New Chat sound notification is on our radar and our team is currently working on expanding Apollo’s ability to notify human agents to improve handover.
Stay tuned for future updates and let us know if you have any other suggestions.


agreed 100% on this feedback.

+1 yes that would be very useful

@ fachai, @ small world cup an exciting recommendation, I agree with you.

agreed 100% on this feedback....