Suggestion for

  1. At the start of the conservation there is the estimated time we can add ourselves?

  2. At the end of the conservation add a customer satisfaction survey?

  3. Add an SMS appointment reminder?

  4. Add an assistant bot to our phone number?

  5. On assistant tickets we can add a message when the customer opens a ticket

  6. When you close the ticket does it send an automatic message?

  7. Make a bot for social networks
    Facebook ?

  8. Improve live chat like zoho desk?

  9. On live chat we can transfer to another team?

Hi Cclement00,

  1. The estimated wait time is based on the First Response time in Reporting
  2. This is something we are planning for future updates.
  3. SMS channel-related updates are on the roadmap.
  4. Similarly to 3. there are plans for phone-based interactions.
  5. Ticket automatic replies are something we are considering for future updates.
  6. Similarly to 5.
  7. Adding more channels for Apollo support is something we are working towards.
  8. You would have to be more specific than that.
  9. Shortcut has action to transfer chat as per our latest update.

Hope this helps.

Hello @Ralph How are you ?

9] For example when a client needs a team I can transfer to other teams should I do that the next update?

Hello again,

It is possible now to manually transfer chats to other agents/departments.
Agents can do it manually by clicking this button on top of active chat list:
AI can do it as part of Shortcut Action:

Shortcuts can be launched by AI Question field keywords on the bottom OR by special Escalation field in AI Settings:

You can find some example setups and tips in this article here:

Hope it helps.

Hello again @Ralph I want to do it myself, is it possible and on application is it possible too?

You can see the Transfer Chat button on top of the active chat view:

All property members can use shortcuts with transfer actions linked to them same as AI.

To transfer to another agent can I use the application?

You can create a Shortcut that initiates transfer or tag action and launch that Shortcut while chatting on your phone app.

Can you show us how it’s done?