[tawk.to] Apollo AI tips - Chat transfers, Escalations and more

Hello, community,

Earlier today we shipped an update for our Shortcuts system which finally allows AI to escalate and transfer chats. Here is how:

Shortcuts included in AI Data Source can have Actions and Elements attached to them.

Here are some examples of Shortcut setups for potential AI scenarios:

  1. Apollo sends visitor a ticket form to fill out:

    With this setup, if a visitor mentions ‘’Error 123’’ in chat, AI will send the pre-defined message along with an in-chat ticket form that the visitor can fill.

  2. Apollo transferring chat to a Property Member:

    And this is how it would look in chat from Agents point of view:

    Chat itself would be in Red on the active chat list for the assignee:

  3. Apollo sending an informative image in chat:

    Simply add the image you want AI to send as Element->File when creating a Shortcut.

  4. Apollo offering a ticket form and attempting to transfer the chat to an agent in case someone is online to help:

To have all Property Members who are currently online notified, you can create a Department with Everyone in it. To do this, go to User Management-> Departments.

Note that you might need to refresh the dashboard for newly created departments to show up on the assignee dropdown menu.

Hope these example setups serve as inspiration for your own creative AI flows.
As always, let me know at ralfs@tawk.to if you have any questions or if you notice any bugs or issues.


awsome!!! you guys rock!!! just a little problem if I activate the second escalation toggle.
the chat automaticlly transfers whenever the pre chat info is sent. also there is no notitication on the mobile app for the transfer chat.

Also i have a question what if there are no operators online. Apollo would still transfer the chat and the user will be there waiting

anyways thanks for the new features, but I guess they still need to be polished.

Hi Leo,

If your pre-chat form only has Name and Email it will most likely not find match to visitors contact information in your Data Source, therefore meeting the conditions to transfer the chat.

I understand that this might be bit too sensitive and we will adjust the logic for it.

A workaround for now could be a combination of Base Prompt instruction and a Shortcut that has Ticket or Transfer Actions. It could be something along the lines of

  • If answer is not included in given knowledge or is not related to say, ''Unfortunately, I will not be able to assist you with this, but my colleagues should be able to help.
    [option] Can you give me a contact form that I can fill?
    [option] Can you transfer me to a human agent?

Afterward, you can create Shortcuts with the questions above in the AI question field with the corresponding actions- A ticket form for when a user asks for a form to fill and a Transfer Chat action shortcut for a human transfer question.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks not what I was hoping for, guess I will keep that toggle disabled,
Apollo should greet visitors as usual and asks how can It help.?
not trying to answer a name and an email of a pre chat form at a start of a conversation because that makes the human handover sadly not usable.

I used this prompt as workaround along with the new transfer action shortcut

"- Always greet the user by saying exactly this: :wave:Hello! Please select a topic or write your question and present the following options:
[option] A
[option] B
[option] C
[option] D
[option] E

the this other prompt " If the answer is not included in the provided knowledge, say exactly “Unfortunately I do not have that information at this time.” and add [option] Speak to an agent now."
then use a shortcut to transfer the chat

Also I noticed that apollo fails to answer 95% of the time even if the anwser of the question is on the knowledge if that toggle is activated. and always transfer the chat

When can we expect an Article with the necessary steps and examples in the Help Center?


Chat Transfer is fundamentally an action launched by Shortcuts and you can instruct AI on when to do it by adding AI Question field to the Shortcut with relevant keywords it must look out for in visitors message.

If you use Base Prompt to introduce buttons when no answer is found in given knowledge, you can have AI react to those buttons:

For transfer the Shortcut would look like this:

And for Ticket form, it would look like this:

Sometimes with pre-chat forms, AI might need a looser ‘‘given knowledge’’ restriction in Base Prompt so it would not automatically assume that there is no answer the moment visitor inquiry does not include any matching keyword.

Hope this helps.

Great to see, that the AI bot gets smarter! I like the idea to give the customer a contact form, if the AI Bot does not find an answer. Two problems here:

  1. the ticket form is not completely in the language of the property: it says “Subject”, “Message” and “Your request has been sent”. I guess these words are hardcoded or can I edit this content of the ticket form somewhere in the dashboard?

  2. It is great, that the bot shows the ticket form, if he knows no answer. But is it also possible to only show the form, if no human supporter is online and ELSE try to switch over to a human supporter?


I was wondering the same about the ticket form language. I do not use the tickets because the emails are not in the property language as well. Been waiting to change the language for too long to no avail :frowning:

thanks… for the workaround. I’ll try it.

Yup I wish we could change this to spanish.


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How can I set AI to looser “given knowledge” restriction? Do you have an base prompt example?

Thank you!

You can find an article on this here:

For now, I would recommend disabling the ‘‘When no information is found’’ Escalate setting when the pre-chat form is enabled as it counts user’s name/email as something not found in given knoweldge.

If you have an existing shortcut that introduces a pre-chat form or transfer action, you can simply assign relevant keywords that should launch that Shortcut using the AI Question field found on bottom of the Shortcut editing window.

Hope this helps.

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I tried to follow these steps to activate the escalation but no matter what i do, the bot gets stuck during the escalation. It will mention that it is transferring to an agent but it does nothing.
Can you please confirm that it is working?

Hi weelow,

Could it be that the shortcut that is used for escalation is missing the transfer ‘‘Action’’ field?

If you need help with your personal AI setup, I am happy to help you sort out the configuration if you email me the specific cases at ralfs@tawk.to

Hello @Ralph
Thanks for your reply. My configuration matches exactly what is in the screenshot.
In addition to that, i have enabled escalation and selected the shortcut from the dropdown.

I have a prechat form setup that collects the user’s name and email before the chat starts. Could that be the problem?

The transfer action should be part of the /transfer-to-agent shortcut itself.

Additionally, you might add base prompt instruction to tell Apollo that users start chatting by filling out a form, and in response to this AI should offer assistance.

tawk.to does not send a notification when the chat is escalated. The bot just stays there in the chat doing nothing. As soon as i click the monitoring button and open the chat, i get the notifications.
This means, if an agent is not online or not paying attention, they wont know that a chat is active with the bot.


Transfer notifications are only sent to agents who are currently online on the dashboard or tawk.to app and set as transfer assignees.