Switch from AI to real manager

It would be very good if, with certain words-tags (agent chat, human chat), the AI understood that he should notify the manager about the need to join the chat.


I believe they are working on that.
According to @kristaps this features are coming

  • Apollo AI to human handover
  • Notification settings for when Apollo AI is answering & more!

No ETA though but be sure they will release those features

We did a partial workaround for that by:

  1. Putting this in the Base Prompt:
    If the answer is not included in the given knowledge, say exactly “I don’t know but if you’ll send us an email to contact@mototote.com, we’ll be glad to get back to you on that”.
  2. Adding a shortcut that says:
    If you want to speak to a human, please leave give me your email and/or phone number here and I’ll have a staff member get in touch with you.

Works pretty well for now but a real time notification would be better, obviously.


Nice workaround! I will try it

We have just released the AI-to-human handover feature!

Check out this topic to see how it works: