Suggestion to add transfer to another team

Hello I want to make some suggestions for

  1. Transfer to another team ?

  2. Add a call button when you want to talk by phone?

  3. Add an SMS appointment reminder?

  4. Add a reminder by email?

Hi Cclement00,

  1. Transfer to another member should be released soon along with the ability for AI to transfer chats to Agents.

  2. With the Video+Voice+Screensharing add-on there is a call button displayed on top of chat widget that visitors can use to call you and you can use to call your visitors during an active chat.

  3. We are planning to expand on supported channels(including SMS) with future updates.

  4. Similarly, we have plans for email automation once certain conditions are met in our Contacts CRM.

Your request will be taken in consideration when planning for these updates.

Let us know if there is anything else you would want to see improved.

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Add an appointment reminder by SMS are you going to do for the future update?