Tickets not sending emails?

Am I doing something wrong or are the ticket replies not supposed to be sent as emails? If I miss a chat message and convert it to a ticket, then when I reply in the ticket in Tawk inbox, the user is not getting any emails with my messages?

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I have the same problem

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I have same issue. Have tried severally but no email received

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I actually received a few emails now, but they were all 1-3 days late!


We are having the same issue, replies for tickets or offline messages are not sending, ticketing system is the only worst thing about not reliable not very Customizable , no translation , inferior in quality compared with other aspects of the system

I have the same issue. when user emails at the ticket forwarding email, it creates a new ticket. however, when I reply to the ticket from dashboard, the user never get an email from me.

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still not working, tickets emails are arriving after a couple of days.

emails are being delayed.