Triggers to get fired when agents are offline

As we’ve been using other software for several years, we found very helpful to fire triggers to visitors, even when agents are offline.

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Hi vousys,
Hope so you’re doing fine, firing triggers to visitors even when agents are offline can be a valuable feature for providing proactive engagement and assistance. While different software may offer varying capabilities, the concept of triggers remains consistent. Triggers are automated actions that are triggered by predefined conditions, such as visitor behavior or specific events. They allow you to engage with visitors in real-time, even if there are no agents available. These triggers can be designed to display targeted messages, offer assistance, or provide relevant information based on the visitor’s actions. By using triggers, you can enhance the user experience and ensure that visitors receive timely support and guidance, regardless of the availability of agents.
Hope so this will work for you!
Bryce June

Hi, thanks for your message. Yes, we’ve been using another platform and we found triggers when agents are offline was very helpful to improve engagement with our new visitors.