Update Knowledge Base article editor to this millennium

The knowledge base article editor is very clunky and feels like it’s from 1990. Every single other help center software that can be taken seriously uses a WYSIWYG or rich text editor in which you can easily copy and format the text you write and the media you embed (Intercom, for example).

I realize tawk is the “Store brand” equivalent in CS and Help Center software, but something like that is so basic that even this should have it. This really needs a complete overhaul people.


Hi Santorrr,
Thank you for your feedback.
We have a big quality of life update planned for the whole KnowledgeBase system and your request will be taken into consideration.

Let us know if you have any other specific examples of things you would wish to see improved.

Being able to replicate an article - whether it is draft or published and then being able to edit it would be a huge help. Right now each article has to be created from scratch, which means the formatting has to be created from scratch every time. Much easier to replicate an article and edit it’s format than having to start over every time.

FULLY second the need for WYSIWYG editor. Severely hampering the writing process and overall user KB experieince.


Here is a basic example - if you have text pasted into a KB article, you need to bold the text again, add links etc. even if they were bolded and had links in the original source where you copied from.

Now that you did that, if you want to copy the text that you already formatted in the KB article and paste it, whether in another article or even somewhere else in the same KB article, you lose all the formatting. You will need to Bold the text again, and add the links again!