Upload CSV to Apollo via API

Dear Apollo Development Team,

I am writing to propose an enhancement to Apollo, our AI-driven chatbox, which is pivotal in handling customer service inquiries. Our current setup lacks direct integration with WooCommerce, a key platform for our e-commerce operations. This gap has occasionally led to less-than-optimal service experiences, as highlighted by a recent incident where Apollo incorrectly informed a customer about the shipping status of their order. Given Apollo’s inability to access real-time order status information, this response was unintended and misleading.

To bridge this functionality gap until a direct WooCommerce integration is possible, I suggest implementing a feature that allows for the upload of order information via a CSV file through an API call. The CSV would contain basic but crucial data, such as Order ID and Status. It can then be sent to the API on a schedule, such as once a day.

With this feature, when a customer inquires about the status of their order, Apollo can request the Order ID and reference the uploaded CSV data to provide accurate and timely information. This solution would not only enhance the accuracy of Apollo’s responses but also significantly improve our customer service experience.

Implementing this feature could serve as an effective interim solution, ensuring Apollo’s responses are both accurate and reliable in the absence of direct WooCommerce integration. It would mitigate instances of misinformation and enhance customer trust in our brand.

I believe this enhancement aligns with our ongoing efforts to improve customer service and operational efficiency. I look forward to your thoughts on this proposal and am more than willing to assist in its development and implementation.

Thank you

Hi @jr96, thanks for your suggestion. The team is already working on this.

In the meantime, you could write a simple FAQ that directs the customer to a page on your website where they can input their details to get an updated status of their order.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions or other suggestions.