Webhook events for AI

In order to process and analyze the results of the AI Assistance and keep track of the limits, it would be really helpful to fire a webhook when the following AI interactions occur:

  • Apollo AI Bot message
  • Smart reply
  • AI Command

Does any member of the community think of a workaround to have this information with the current setup?

Hi jordiqrplanet,

While currently, it is not possible to have webhook access to these events, we have an Action Shortcut feature that allows AI to use Shortcuts that can prompt actions when sent, such as introducing a ticket form element, adding a tag to a conversation, or initiating a transfer to another agent.

For analysis, I can recommend adding a ‘‘Add Tag’’ action to ‘‘Price’’ shortcut that AI uses when answering potential clients that once the shortcut is sent, tag along the lines of ‘‘Potential Lead’’ is added. Afterward, you can use our Contacts or Inbox system to filter for tagged chats/customers.

In terms of keeping track of the limits - we are planning to add more actions that AI can perform and improve the reporting system to accommodate for AI stats.

Hopefully, this is helpful. If you have any other feedback or suggestions, let us know.